The Farm

We are a family run dairy farm based on the edge of Dartmoor. We have our own herd of mainly Friesian cows who choose themselves when they milk through our two unit Lely robotic milking system.  Our cows are fed mainly on grass and grass silage with selected concentrates as required. We apply no herbicides or pesticides to our grazing land and we rely mainly on homeopathic remedies to maintain the health of our animals. Our cows spend around 10 months of the year outside if the weather permits.

The Dairy

The milk produced by our cows is then pasteurised in our on farm dairy and bottled in both glass and plastic bottles. We also make Devon , Clotted, Double and Single cream.


We cover a large part of Devon, with deliveries at least twice per week in most areas. We aim to have your milk delivered to your door by 7:30am at the latest.